Welcome to GardenRoute Communication


Our Two Way Radio network has been operational in the Gardenroute Since 2004 GardenRoute Communication is Registered with the Independent Communication authority of South Africa as a Radio Dealer.


Our Operational Director is a Qualified Electronic Radio Technician and Network engineer with more than 20 years experience in our industry, we are also more than capable to assist with electronic security devices as we have been doing over the past 20 years.


We have our own local in house electronic workshop and we are the only Two Way Radio Company in the Area with a Motorola Spectrum analyzer and various other testing equipment.

Why use GardenRoute Communications ?

We have the capacity, dedication and the desire to deliver above expectation.

We own and operate the most extensive private repeater networks for the greater GardenRoute Area.

Our repeater sites have been scientifically selected with propagation prediction software and developed to provide overlapping coverage.

Over 40 local security companies are using our exclusive services and have been doing so for more than 108 months.

We use modern advanced test instruments including a Motorola spectrum analyzer and test instrument. Not many service providers will make such investments to ensure that radios serviced are perfectly tuned to specification.

The fact that we were part of the first licensed Wi-Fi – broadband wireless network along the Garden Route with more than 600 internet users is a testimonial to our RF (Radio Frequency) experience and expertise.

We are a distributor (not dealer) for ICOM radios, and offer all major proven products.

Our repeater airtime is extremely reliable and cost-effective.  A minimum of 2 repeater channels is offered.  Multiple repeaters provide wide area coverage, system reliability, and a much better degree of service, if compared to the old overloaded single channel methods. We only use purposefully built repeaters (no back to back radios) which enhances our reliability and speech quality.

For every 10 radios rented we provide one free hot standby radio for emergency use.

If we have a repeater, or an important base station failure, we respond immediately and at all hours.

If we cannot fix a rental radio within 12 hours an exchange unit will be provided.

If you are already using airtime from a competitor we offer 1 months free airtime services and free reprogramming on the signing of a 24 month airtime contract, to allow you to give proper notice and as an incentive.

We offer free demo radios for 7 work days to test system viability for your operation.

During season or public holidays we always deploy a skeleton staff compliment. Our care centre is available all hours which means that we are always available for emergency repairs or shutdown services.

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